This day is such a reality for beans. It’s actually two fold. I know what my mission is; I know what God has called me to do. I also know that the devil is trying to hinder me from doing what I am commissioned to do. Now he is not necessarily messing with my plans for my mission but what he is trying to do is manipulate other things to break me down. He won’t get the victory in any of this because it is so evident. All I can think of is trick no good. I was awaken by a phone call at 3 AM while in the midst of a revelation from God. I know he comes to me in my sleep. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I just began to pray. The scripture says pray without ceasing so that’s what I started to do. I made a call or two. There was a lot of things on my heart but I thought of the words, “Praise will confuse the enemy.” So I just began to call upon the name of the Lord to help me through all I was going through then my focus went from myself to others. My heart is so full of confusion but my faith is what is sustaining me. The Lord is the strength of my life. He will restore my joy and hope. I can’t do anything but thank him for what he has already done. Regardless of what I feel now or in the next weeks, God has done so much for me so I will leave it at that. I also came to the conclusion that God does not bless mess so I will work on me some more. I need to read my bible more often. I am going to lay it next to my bed at night. Lately my sleep has been off; I have been having this ringing in my ear for a little over a week. It is driving me crazy, so I am at the point that I can thank God for that. Be Blessed